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General Information on becoming a DODD Provider

Persons or agencies who provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities must obtain certification from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.  Applications for provider certification must include supporting documentation as evidence the applicant meets all qualifications and standards.

Information on becoming a provider of Medicaid Funded Waiver Services

Providers certified to deliver Medicaid Services are assigned a Medicaid number necessary to obtain federal reimbursement. Once certified, providers are responsible for contacting local County Boards of Developmental Disabilities (County Boards of DD) to notify them that they are eligible to provide services under the Level One (L1) and/or Individual Options (IO)Waivers.

Please note, becoming a certified provider for waiver services does not mean that the provider is an employee of the State of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, or of the provider’s local County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Providers are independent business owners who are certified to provide services to individuals on a Level One or Independent Options Medicaid Waiver.

Information on becoming a provider of Non-Medicaid Funded Services

If you are interested in being a certified Non-Medicaid provider, please use the Provider Certification Wizard (link).  If you have additional questions as to what it means to provide non-Medicaid funded services, please contact your local county board of developmental disabilities​