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The Five Required Training Topics

  1. Overview of serving individuals with developmental disabilities
    • Characteristics of individuals with developmental disabilities
    • Service Planning/Team Process/Communication
    • Best Practices
    • Resources for additional information and assistance
  2. The provisions governing rights of individuals set forth in sections 5123.62 to 5123.64 of the Revised Code
    • Review of each right as written in statute
    • Examples that demonstrate how the rights are exercised in the everyday life of a person with a development disability, with emphasis on the following:
      • ​Dignity and Respect – Principles of the Positive Culture Initiative
      • Privacy
      • Decision Making – Principles of Self-Determination, consent for services and treatment
      • Advocacy – relationship to guardians and personal representatives
      • Financial Management – relationship to payees
      • Confidentiality
  3. Overview of basic principles and requirements of providing Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver services
    • Responsibilities of a Provider
    • Medicaid and Waivers
    • Monitoring and Oversight of Services
    • Submission and payment of claims (Billing)
    • Resources for additional information and assistance
  4. The requirements of rule 5123:2-17-02 of the Administrative Code relating to incidents adversely affecting health and safety
    • Categories of major unusual incidents (MUI’s) with emphasis on the most common –
    • Unplanned hospitalizations, Misappropriation, Physical Abuse, Neglect, Medical
    • Emergencies, and Known Injury
    • Reporting responsibilities – MUI, Unusual Incident (UI), Trends and patterns
    • Immediate Response
    • Prevention Plans
    • Role of Investigative Agent
    • Abuser Registry
    • ODMRDD Alerts
  5. Universal Precautions for infection control, including hand washing and the disposal of bodily waste
    • Infection control
    • Prevention of contact with blood and body fluids
    • Blood born pathogens​