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IAF Providers 

IAF Online Submission Project – NOW LIVE
The IAF Application to submit IAF assessments online is now available through the DODD web portal!  ICF Providers will still use the IAF program they have used previously to create the file that in the past would have been saved to a floppy disk, CD, or flash drive and sent to DODD through the mail.  Now that file will be uploaded directly to DODD through the DODD web portal.  The certification page which was printed and included in the mailing in the past will now be filled out online as well. In addition, the assessor for each active resident assessment is now required to be selected.
Access to the IAF Online Submission system is via the DODD portal 
A training guide has been created to help navigate users through the online submission process.  It can be found here under ICF Resources:
Obtaining access to DODD IAF Online Submission system
If you have not already done so, there are a few security steps needed before portal access can be granted.  Anyone uploading an IAF on behalf of a provider (called “Submission Agents”) will need to complete a security affidavit to be granted portal access.  Providers will need to associate at least one Submission Agent to their provider number.  Specific instructions are as follows:
IAF Submission Agent
1.    IAF submission agent who currently does not have access to any of the DODD system will have to submit a security affidavit from the following location
2.    The submission agent needs to select Account Type as IAF Submission Agent and fill in the all the other fields with the appropriate information and click next. (note that contract number is not needed)
3.    Specify the Address information in the screen and click next.
4.    Review your completed information in the next screen and click next.
5.    Read and accept the DODD policy on data security on the next screen by the selecting the check-box to indicate this and click finish.
6.    Print the form, sign it and fax it / mail it to the Fax number or Mail address shown on the screen and exit the wizard.
Once the DODD security team receives your application, they will create a new user account and will email you the account access information.
If you already have an existing user account with DODD and have access to some of DODD systems then in step b) above specify Account type: IAF submission Agent and Request type: Change system access. In the next screen specify your current username in the contract number field.
Associating a Submission Agent to a Provider
Each Provider number will have to request association with an IAF Submission agent to allow the submission agent to submit individual assessment information on their behalf for the Report Period End Date and also specify the assessors and complete the facility certification form.
This form is located on the DODD website at:
The provider will complete this form and fax it to the DODD security fax number on the form.  Note that multiple submission agents (titled “IAF Agent” on the form itself) can be associated to a provider.  They can be listed separately on one form. Also, if the submission agent user code is not available, first and last name will suffice. Once the security team receives this form and verifies the Provider they will complete the association of the Submission agent to the Provider.
Important Information
Please be aware that in order for a provider to submit IAFs for the 6/30/13 RPED they MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE SUBMISSION AGENT ASSOCIATED TO THEIR PROVIDER NUMBER to submit on their behalf.  So, it’s critical that submission agents fill out and submit the security affidavit and all providers associate themselves to submission agents as soon as possible if not already completed.
We are happy to be able to do what many providers have requested for quite some time and finally move the IAF submission process into the 21st century! Keep checking the website for more information on this project and other ICF initiatives.  If you have questions about this information, the training guide or other questions about this project, please contact Josh Anderson via phone at (614) 387-0576 or email at